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population of 22,146 (commune) in 1901. to some extent, but was totally destroyed by the Arch of Hadrian. of travertin, of which well-preserved arches, Besides a display of the weapons used by gladiators, the museum also shows how the spectators were seated and how they knew where to go. This page was last edited on 8 March 2016, at 22:05. You see, old Capua is found on modern maps as Santa Maria Capua Vetere, with Capua Vetere referring to ancient Capua. Like the coliseum, it incorporates gates and ramps in a manner still used in sports stadiums today. Nearby. Province of Caserta, 15 miles north of Naples, Spartacus started the Slave Revolt at a Capua ludas or school for gladiators in Capua. After the battle of Cannæ, B.C. • Inspirock Let's take a look at the amphitheater next. Many trains also stop at Caserta. 211. The more modern town of Capua offers another archaeological museum and is an interesting little town if you have a few hours to see it. Jump to navigation Jump to search. 2 days in Santa Maria Capua Vetere Itinerary, Santa Maria Capua Vetere is a town and comune in the province of Caserta, part of the region of Campania (southern Italy).Though it is not connected with the Civitas Capuana, the town is a medieval place and its proximity to the Roman amphitheatre led the inhabitants to change its name in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, where Capua Vetere means Old Capua.HistoryFor the history of ancient Capua, see History of Ancient Capua. While the amphitheater is associated with Spartacus, he didn't perform here but in a previous and much smaller arena on the site. Anfiteatrum. 3.81 miles. Peschiera Grande. Very close by and well worth visiting is Reggia di Caserta, Caserta's Royal Palace, an 18th-century, 1,200-room palace with gardens, modeled after the Palace of Versailles. See the route and prices from Naples to Santa Maria Capua Vetere. While the ruins here aren't as impressive as they are in Rome -- much of the amphitheater was hacked up and reused -- the new gladiator museum, which is free with entrance to the amphitheater, is a good way to see how it all worked when Capua was at its peak. of the city in B.C. Start off your visit on the 18th (Mon): cool off at, Santa Maria Capua Vetere sightseeing planner, Santa Maria Capua Vetere online road trip planner, Anfiteatro Campano e Museo dei Gladiatori, Best things to do in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, The Best Bars & Clubs in Province of Caserta. The white material is marble, which would have made up the lower level facade all around. Created by a user from Italy. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. To get there, a bus or train from Naples will take about 40 minutes. Best things to do are: Centro Commerciale Campania, La Reggia Designer Outlet, Anfiteatro Campano e Museo dei Gladiatori, and Ditellandia Acquapark. under Genseric. Consultá 1.697 fotos y videos de Aqua Zone SPA tomados por miembros de Tripadvisor. You're apt to have a pleasant stay in a historic property called B&B Vico Mitreo 2, just across the street from the Mithraeum and very close to the Archaeological museum. 0.35 miles. You see, old Capua is found on modern maps as Santa Maria Capua Vetere, with Capua Vetere referring to ancient Capua. Under The amphitheater was plundered by Vandals and Saracens. surroundings. If there is still a question of Capua's place in the world, Barbara Zaragoza speaks of the comforts available in a wealthy city: As if that weren't enough, Giuseppe Garibaldi gathered 24,000 volunteers and fought his biggest battle for the unification of Italy around the Volturno river near Capua in October of 1860. it formed an alliance with Rome for protection Italiano: Santa Maria Capua Vetere è una città della Campania in Italia. 343 Here the victory is celebrated as blood seeps into the sand on the arena floor. The Romans obtained possession (You won't want to spend Monday there, either, as most everything you'd want to see is closed.). Reservations, therefore, are highly recommended. In this picture, the arena floor isn't very impressive. most remarkable is the amphitheatre constructed There were 80 Doric arcades at one time. Tourists will be rewarded by the amphitheater, a gladiator museum along with a very well done archaeological museum and various other bits and pieces of the ancient city like the frescoed Mithraeum, all in an area that can be seen in a day if you plan it right. It was intimate enough that spectators could get injured from the swordplay. The Best Time of Year for a Trip to Napoli, The 8 Best Tickets to Italy Museums and Attractions in 2020, How to Explore Rome's Historical Underground, Get to Know Cagliari, largest city on the island of Sardinia, Your Trip to the Amalfi Coast: The Complete Guide, Follow the Footsteps of Angels and Demons in Rome, The Best Things to See & Do in Marseille, France, A Guide to Ancient Capua: Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. party opened the gates to Hannibal, whose army SANTA MARIA CAPUA VETERE, has five naves and 52 columns. Travel Jun 18 - Jun 19. 81055 Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Province of Caserta, Italy - panoramio.jpg 3,296 × 2,472; 1.82 MB Andamento demografico Sant'Andrea dei Lagni.svg 536 × 360; 25 KB AULA 1900-1950(BANCHI ESCLUSI)-S MARIA CV-MUSEO CIVICO.jpg 640 × 480; 41 KB The Roman ruins A várost 856-ban építették újra, néhány kilométerrel távolabb az egykori településtől, amely helyén a későbbiekben egy másik település, Santa Maria Capua Vetere jött létre. Try the organic restaurant called Spartacus Arena, which offers outdoor seating in the grassy area in front of the amphitheater, which is lit up at night. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Ancient Capua has a large place in Italian history. kä′pōō-ắ vā′tắ-rắ. James Martin is a travel writer and photographer who writes, photographs, and edits stories about western Europe. At the entrance to the amphitheater is the small Gladiator museum, which will interpret the buildings and give you a feel for the events that took place. The problem is if you come to Capua proper, you are in the wrong place. Much of the rest of it has been removed and reused, but there is enough left for a decent trek around, as we'll see in the next picture. It is an active, thriving, attractive place, with a Mithraeum at Santa Maria Capua Vetere. Santa Maria Capua Vetere. While the ruins here aren't as impressive as they are in Rome -- much of the amphitheater was hacked up and reused -- the new gladiator museum, which is free with entrance to the amphitheater, is a good way to see how it all worked when Capua was at its peak. A.D. Capua was devastated by the Vandals 216, the popular SANTA MARIA CAPUA VETERE, kä′pōō-ắ vā′tắ-rắ.A city of South Italy, in the Province of Caserta, 15 miles north of Naples, located on the site of ancient Capua, of whose stones it was partly rebuilt (Map: Italy, J 6).It is an active, thriving, attractive place, with a population of 22,146 (commune) in 1901. Good food and pizza -- and unlike the amphitheater itself, it fills up quickly just after opening. In the fifth century the twelve cities said to have been founded by Santa Maria Capua Vetere Italy. In fact, this is pretty much the way it was in antiquity, timbers spanned the openings to the tunnels of the lower level and sand was placed on top to become the absorbent surface for the bloody games. A quick getaway to Santa Maria Capua Vetere is sufficient: Besides the amphitheater, archaeological museum, gladiator museum and the ancient Mithraeum, there is little else to see. We don't have exact dates for the construction of the amphitheater, but some sources contend that it was built about 100 years before the Coliseum in Rome. Among the antiquities one of the Campania, was second only to Rome among the cities large, reconstructed cathedral, dating from 1766. Its amphitheaterAnfiteatrum. English: Santa Maria Capua Vetere is a town in Campania in Italy.ædia/Santa_Maria_Capua_Vetere&oldid=6142194, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. the Etruscans in this part of Italy. 841-ben I. Radelchis által felbérelt szaracén portyázók felégették a várost, csak a Santa Maria Maggiore-templom maradt épségben. attract many sight-seers. stones it was partly rebuilt (Map: Italy, J 6). Imagen de Aqua Zone SPA, Santa Maria Capua Vetere: 1522. located on the site of ancient Capua, of whose A city of South Italy, in the An overnight is recommended though, as the town is a pleasant one and there is a good place to eat dinner with the illuminated amphitheater as background. against the Samnite tribes of the mountains. Ancient Capua, in Offerings include an excellent breakfast, and the owners are wonderful at providing recommendations for dinner. the name of Volturnum it was the chief of In B.C. corridors, and seats for spectators still remain. The picture is also notable for what it doesn't show -- there isn't a crush of tourists as one finds at the Roman Coliseum. See kid-friendly attractions. Visit Santa Maria Capua Vetere. rapidly degenerated here under the new corrupting A stroll under the seats shows more Roman building detail, which includes light wells so that things didn't get too dark under there. This picture shows the complete part of the amphitheater at Capua. The lower level is covered with temporary covers. Santa Maria Capua Vetere: Ancient Capua and Spartacus, Underground Passageway, Capua Amphitheater, Santa Maria Capua Vetere Tourism Information. 41.0851, 14.2501 View on Google Maps . Saracens in 840. Ponti della Valle di Maddaloni. It recovered its prosperity again Coat of arms. of Italy in wealth and population. Cicero wrote that 100,000 people could be seated in the amphitheater, which had four seating levels. Italy's second largest amphitheater was built here. Hannibal wintered in Capua in 215 BC, leading to the first Battle of Capua in 212 BC.

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