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nstead Toni is still tied to his friends Braccialetti and, both to be next to the grandfather who will have to be hospitalized for an operation, both to stay next to Leo and Rocco, becomes a nurse. Cloe Romagnoli interpreta Flam. The Serie's original soundtrack was composed by Stefano Lentini. PIO LUIGI PISCICELLI plays Toni (Antonio), aka The Clever, who works as  an underground  mechanic in his grandpa’s garage and has been hospitalized following a motorcycle accident. While initially he thinks that it is a lover, only towards the end discovers that the mysterious man, constantly dressed in a uniform by General, is none other than his grandfather, who, being in the past contrary to the marriage between his daughter and his fiancé (Leo's father) became deeply unresponsive to the whole world and no longer responded to the letters he received from his daughter. This cancer, against which Leo fights hard throughout his adolescence, will be represented, in the limbo between life and death (Rocco's pool), by a ferocious lion. Interpretato da Carmine Buschini (stagione 1-3), chiamato "il Leader" perché capo del gruppo e suo fondatore, è il "protagonista" della fiction, nella prima stagione … Because without Ads and/or Premium MySeries can not exist. Born in 1989, Aurora made her film debut in 2010, with La Solitudine dei Numeri Primi by Saverio Costanzo. Before ending his life, however, Nina succeeds, through the help of Davide, to make Dr. Baratti understand her intention to give his heart to Bobo, who, in fact, will be operated soon after and manages to recover from his illness with Nina's heart beating inside him. Summary; Actors; Episodes; News; Reviews; Comments; Videos; Stats; Suggestions; Help us by showing ads or become a Fan. You're blocking our ads. Before joining the Braccialetti Rossi cast, little Lorenzo also appeared in TV miniseries Non È Mai Troppo Tardi, (2014) about the life of TV master Alberto Manzi. Abbigliamento outdoor: cosa significa per il mondo del fashion. Davide, remained to take care of his friends, as a spirit that only Toni can see and hear. However, he will succeed in snatching a kiss from Nina, of which he will fall madly in love, even if such a love story will have an unexpected ending: in fact, during a trip to the island of Nicola, in which Vale, Cris and Nina take part (who wanted to fly with Vale on the paraglider), the girl hit his head in an attempt to save Cris, after the girl had fallen into the water because of a stroke. The son entails to pay a high price to Cris, because he forces her to stand against her parents, who will always be against her will, unlike her sister Carola, who only changes her way of thinking and succeeds. Thanks to this talent, Toni will understand David's intentions and above all will allow Nina's parents to understand that their daughter wants to give her heart to Bobo after her death. The series tells the story of the Braccialetti Rossi ("Red Bracelets"), a group of kids hospitalized for various causes, who make friends and found their group to give courage to each other. The life of the Braccialetti is shaken by bad news: Nicola has a heart attack. MIRKO TROVATO has given his face to Davide, famous to TV audience as The Handsome: cheeky, aggressive, his character is the one that in the first season has been less fascinated by the group. However, he first played a leading role in Braccialetti Rossi. CARMINE BUSCHINI made his acting debut in the series, playing 17-year old Leo (Leone) aka The Leader, who’s undergone amputation of his leg due  cancer. Watanka! Classe 2006, Cloe nonostante la giovanissima età ha già diverse esperienze ne mondo della recitazione. In the same year she joined the cast of Braccialetti Rossi and the one of Fuoriclasse 3. Completed the mission, Leo is about to leave by canoe alone by sea waiting for death but is stopped by his friends made by Davide who cling around the leader convincing him to go back to the hospital to fight again against cancer. For the second season, the same record company produced another album named Braccialetti rossi 2, including: The album also features other famous Italian songs: "Buonanotte fiorellino" (Francesco De Gregori), "Mercurio" (Emis Killa). Classe 2006, Cloe nonostante la giovanissima età ha … The season ends with Rocco who, awakened from the coma, greets all the viewers. Start following. Cloe Romagnoli è la giovanissima interprete di Flaminia detta Flam, tra le protagoniste della seconda stagione di Braccialetti Rossi. “Just like my character, I’m a little bit harsh and cheeky but, in the end, I’m sensitive too”, declared 17-year-old Mirko, who lives in Pomezia with his parents and his elder sister, loves playing football and has gained a special place in his fans’ hearts. It’s a very difficult character that has hailed Denise as actress, who has also already appeared in several successful fictions such as Provaci Ancora Prof 5, Don Matteo 9 and Un Medico in Famiglia 9. Stringe amicizia con Chicco diventando la sua migliore amica e non solo. Cloe Romagnoli interpreta la giovanissima Flam all’interno della serie televisiva Braccialetti Rossi. Toni, instead, works in the hospital while his grandfather is hospitalized there (and will remain in hospital even after the latter's recovery), as always will be the messenger of David, as he will always be the only one able to hear it. There must be one among the more than 16.200 series. I Braccialetti Rossi Leone "Leo" Correani. The girl, however, is desperate and to be close to him pretends to fall back into his feeding problems by being hospitalized again. DENISE TANTUCCI, 19 years old, hailing from Fano (PU), becomes part of the cast in the second season. Copyright © 2020 Ente Autonomo Giffoni Experience. He too, initially hard and insensitive, becomes a sweet and sensitive boy thanks to the knowledge of the Red Bracelets, of which he will then become a member. Plot Season 1. Davide can't accept that the group, even because of his death, have broken a very special bond and will do everything possible to be able to bring them together again. Il suo più grande sogno è proprio quello di recuperare la vista e spera che all’interno dell’ospedale possa riuscire a realizzarlo. The day Cris arrives at the hospital, Leo and Vale go to spy on her and, after the girl finds them, the two propose to have a party for Vale's goodbye and she accepts. Cloe Romagnoli interpreta la giovanissima Flam all’interno della serie televisiva Braccialetti Rossi. to understand his sister. Drama. After the events of the second season, Leo decides to go back to the hospital to give his doctors the chance to heal him from brain cancer. 52 Likes, 3 Comments - Cris, Nina, Bea, Flam (@braccialetti.rossi_girls) on Instagram: “ Flam • Giorno ☆” is an album with original music by Stefano Lentini: "Main theme (Braccialetti rossi)", "Nascita del gruppo", "L'Imprescindibile (Tema di Rocco)", "Padri", "Il campo di calcio (Tema di Davide)", "Rosso ora", "Watanka! "Toni then runs to the other bracelets to announce the death of their friend In the penultimate episode, Leo, Vale, Cris and Toni they ask Dr. Lisandri to go to the funeral of their friend, but she absolutely can not allow minor patients to leave the hospital, thanks to their fortitude and the help of some nurses the young protagonists arrive at the church and sing the boy's favorite song, Every time by Vasco Rossi, all the people give a well-deserved farewell to Davide. Cris decides from the very beginning to keep the baby in his lap, because he considers it the only memory he will have of Leo when he dies because of his illness. Born in Rome in 1996, he made his debut as Baby Jesus in TV miniseries La Sacra Famiglia (by Raffaele Mertes, Canale 5). Italian magazine Colonne Sonore also awarded Stefano Lentini as "Best Music for Italian Tv Series 2014". Flam, the blind girl who appears in the second season, learns of a secret that will have a very positive outcome in her life: at the beginning of the season she discovers that her father has had another daughter from another woman, her first wife. However, the knowledge of the Red Bracelets will slowly have a positive effect on the life of Bella, who will learn to love her boyfriend with all of herself and to deepen various friendships and relationships that only physical illness makes special and unforgettable. After a short appearance in the second series, SILVIA MAZZIERI will come back in the third season. It’s all about expectation and curiosity for the new season where there will be new arrivals and friendships too. Braccialetti Rossi. During this long period, as well as being joined by the Red Braccialetti, he meets a man who will bring flowers to his mother's grave. Margi, moreover, allows her little sister to finally recover from blindness: in fact, thanks to the transplantation of her stem cells into the body of Flam, Margi can allow the doctors to continue the operation in the eyes, which will eventually have a positive outcome. She has recently been appraised for her role as the funny and extrovert Silvana Maffeis in Il Paradiso delle Signore. Desperate Leo surrenders to the idea of dying and decides to be released from the hospital to fulfill the last will of Nicholas, being followed by Cris, Vale, Toni and Davide, but revealing his critical condition only to Nina. Davide asks to tell the boys that he will be fine and that he would never have imagined that he would have found special friends like them. (Via G. Boglietti 2, 13900 Biella - PIVA: 02154000026), Supplemento della Testata Giornalistica Delta Press, Tribunale di Biella n. 579 del 10/02/2015, Braccialetti Rossi, chi è Flaminia detta Flam, Quanto costa un jet privato? In 2007 he appeared in Un Dottore Quasi Perfetto (by Raffaele Mertes, Canale 5) and Liberi Di Giocare (by Francesco Micciché, Rai 1). The locations used in the second season remain unchanged, they are added only (in the flashbacks and in the scenes shot during the interventions) the amusement park Zoo safari Fasanolandia and the outside of the school of Vale, in Fasano. 2014 - Premio Cinearti La chioma di Berenice. In addition, the series was renewed for a fourth season and shooting began in May 2017. Vale is a shy and reserved boy who loves surfing and painting. Vale refuses to carry out the necessary checks for fear that he will be diagnosed with a tumor once again abandoning his friends, so Leo later chases him out of the group because "a Braccialetto Rosso is not a coward". Nonostante la sua infermità si presenta come un personaggio solare. Flaminia detta Flam è la più giovane tra tutti i protagonisti della fiction televisiva Braccialetti Rossi, campione di ascolti di Raiuno. Margi, will fall in love with Bobo, who initially will not be attracted to her, being in love with Nina. Leo's life, however, undergoes a profound and intense change also from this point of view, because the brain cancer will be definitively eliminated with an intervention by Dr. Lisandri, immediately after the marriage. Looking for new series? Moreover, Leo will always have as a strong point of reference his girlfriend Cris, who, after a love affair on the beach of the island of Nicola, the latter will remain pregnant with the son of Leo, who gives birth on the island. Actors. Nina can not keep quiet and confesses to Vale, through video-chat, the seriousness of Leo's illness, which understands the intentions of the leader. Le vicende della serie Braccialetti Rossi, in onda dal 26 gennaio 2014, sono animate da un gruppo di ragazzi che si trovano in ospedale per diversi motivi, dalle loro famiglie e dai medici che lottano con loro. Chicco, in turn, will help Flam to recover after discovering that the important operation did not give the desired results and that, for now, it will not be able to see yet. A few days later Vale, Cris and Toni are declared healed and have to return home, after saying goodbye with their "motto"," Watanka! Introducing the story is Rocco, an 11-year-old boy who has been in a coma for eight months due to a strong impact with the water followed by a dive from the highest platform of a public pool, after accepting a "challenge" from part of a group of older kids; the child is now in a coma, but he realizes what is happening around him and describes it and comments it in his own thoughts. He made an appearance in Song 'e Napule by Manetti Bros, starring Giampaolo Morelli and Toni Servillo,which received two David di Donatello awards as well as no less than six nominations at the Nastri d'Argento awards. Flaminia detta Flam è la più giovane tra tutti i protagonisti della fiction televisiva Braccialetti Rossi, campione di ascolti di Raiuno. The boy is finally about to be discharged from the hospital and plans his future with Cris, when he is diagnosed with a new brain tumor. Flam è una bambina dolce, sensibile e minuta. Braccialetti rossi is the Italian version of the Catalan series Polseres vermelles, inspired by the true story of the Spanish writer Albert Espinosa who, after suffering a cancer for ten years, managed to heal, then recounting his experience in a book. The series had three seasons, for a total of 19 episodes. © by Delta Pictures S.r.l. View trailer. For Cloe, Braccialetti Rossi is not the first TV experience: she has in fact taken part in the fiction Un Passo dal Cielo 2 with Terence Hill, Una Pallottola nel Cuore with Gigi Proietti and La Dama Velata, before landing at the second season of the fiction Palomar. Other scenes were filmed in Monopoli and inside the swimming stadium of Bari in the outdoor swimming pool of the structure, where the limbo is set between life and death in which the different characters of the series are located (in particular Rocco in the first series and Bea in the second series, both in a coma, Davide in the first series and Nina in the third series). Her Nina upsets the balance in the group by getting close to Leo and making Cris overcome with jealousy before growing fond of Vale and embracing Braccialetti’s strength. BRANDO PACITTO, on the contrary, already had an amount of roles under his belt before joining the cast. The other boys, unaware of everything, are celebrating their leader's birthday. However, his presence will also be crucial for a new boy, named Bobo, who enters the hospital to perform a heart transplant. The characters who, despite being members of the Braccialetti Rossi, play a less important role this season are Rocco and Beatrice: the latter, in fact, after the recovery from the coma (of the second season) is no longer seen either outside or inside the 'Hospital; Rocco, however, will make some appearances in some episodes, without doing anything particularly important. She joined the sixth season of Provaci Ancora Prof, acted in Latin Lover by Cristina Comencini and in the short L’Amore Ormai by Massimo Pellegrinotti and Roberto Gneo, that has been awarded with an honourable mention by Fano International Film Festival’s jury. He plays Rocco, The Unavoidable, who also acts as the narrator in the first season. In autumn 2012 she acted in Rai 1 miniseries Questo Nostro Amore (by Luca Ribuoli), then went back to cinema in 2013 with Bianca Come Il Latte, Rossa Come Il Sangue. It’s no coincidence that he’s the Vice-Leader of the Braccialetti Rossi society. by Neri Parenti. His awakening, at the end of the first season, has been one of the most moving moments in the series history. Afterwards he played Lorenzo in Al Di Là Del Lago (by Stefano Reali, Canale 5, 2009), attended the fifth edition of Rai 1 talent show Ballando Con Le Stelline, and made an appearance in Dov'è Mia Figlia (by Monica Vullo, Canale 5, 2011) before portraying teenage Simone Annicchiarico in TV  miniseries Walter Chiari - Fino All'ultima Risata (by Enzo Monteleone, Rai 1, 2012,) and acting in I Cesaroni 5, Canale 5. 1 vote. The first season, consisting of 6 episodes, aired from 26 January to 2 March 2014 while the second, consisting of 5 episodes, from 15 February to 15 March 2015. I prezzi e cosa c’è da sapere, Come far passare il raffreddore: i rimedi più efficaci (e i falsi miti). Nina, before dying, will have the opportunity to get in touch with her parents even if in a totally unexpected way, because without their knowledge, they will discover their daughter's illness only because of a stratagem (adopted by herself and by Cris) that will be unmasked by the various inconveniences and by the different circumstances of life. 9,0 / 10. Flam arriva in ospedale sperando di realizzare il desiderio più grande: vedere. Born in 1999 and raised in Boscoreale (a small town in the province of Naples) he attended High School in Torre Annunziata, specializing in modern languages. However, thanks to the talent of photographer Margi, his love for Bobo will be matched, since he, seeing the photos taken for him by Margi, will feel deeply understood and understood by the girl. Il suo personaggio è stato confermato anche nella terza stagione che sarà trasmessa dal 16 ottobre in prima serata su Raiuno. Plot Season 1. There is a new roommate also for Rocco, Davide, a fourteen-year-old boy, who found himself there because he fainted during a football match at his school; at first it looks like a stubborn and grumpy bullet, which is perhaps exacerbated by the fact that his father unleashes the problems of work by screaming at his son, and that the boy does not get along with the new wife of the man, but basically Davide also has a good and affectionate side. ", respectively. Although Cris is safe, Nina enters a coma that will never wake her up again. Flam is helped, as in the second season, by Chicco, who, being deeply attached to the child, will be a real reference for her: not surprisingly, the boy helps her make the most of the gift of sight through her discovery of colors. "Leo, encouraged by Vale, goes to Cris and whispers in her ear "i love you ". She is in fact the only one who understands that Chicco has a good soul and that he has repented for the gesture committed, and will help him, along with Rocco, to ask Bea for forgiveness. Sought after by Leo and Vale, she eventually chooses The leader. Despite her young age, Cloe already boasts a past as baby model for famous fashion brands for children. The opening theme for the third one is "Simili", a 2015 single by Laura Pausini, also included in her homonymous album. The young protagonists of Braccialetti Rossi 3 will grace the Giffoni Festival on its closing day. The popular TV series co-produced by Rai Fiction and Palomar, in collaboration with Big Bang Media, and directed by Giacomo Campiotti, has in fact been renewed for its third season, to the great joy of the many fans. Behind her angelic features and her broad smile, Flam hides the blindness tragedy against which she fights with courage, also helped by the warmth of Braccialetti. 3 talking about this. Choose per series where you want be kept informed of. Meanwhile, Leo, after making friends with Vale, knows Cristina know as Cris, a seventeen-year-old girl who suffers from anorexia. Born in Longiano (FC) in 1996, in his spare time Carmine enjoys playing water polo and the guitar, too. He decides to hide the truth from Cris so as not to make her suffer again, and leaves her with the false excuse of not loving her anymore, pretending to love Nina. Data di nascita:12/02/15,alle ore 17:42. She joined the cast of Ben-Hur remake in 2015. All Rights Reserved. Among the many news of this season, there is also the intention, by the Braccialetti Rossi, to build a radio station inside the hospital, complete with a Web site, with the aim of sharing the experiences of their life with all those who listen to them, especially all the patients and doctors of the hospital, who will be able to see in the bitterness of the disease some flash of hope capable of making life beautiful, despite the various difficulties and sufferings it entails. Flam, infatti, aiuta Chicco a smussare il suo carattere rendendo un ragazzo buono e disponibile. On the same day another boy arrives, Antonio, called Toni, who had an accident while he was trying a hidden motorbike, in his grandfather's workshop. La grande popolarità arriva con il ruolo di Flaminia detta Flam nella seconda stagione di Braccialetti Rossi, un personaggio gentile e dal cuore tenero pronta a condividere con tutti gli altri braccialetti rossi la sua storia. After this discovery, Leo decides to face his grandfather with courage and hardness. Nina, the girl who appears in the second season to which he was diagnosed with breast cancer, takes a crush on a new surgeon, Dr. Pietro Baratti, a charming man but also hard-hearted. It is c... Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, Leone "Leo" Correani (seasons 1-3), portrayed by Carmine Buschini, Cristina "Cris" Barni (stagioni 1-3), portrayed by Aurora Ruffino, Valentino "Vale" Maggi (stagione 1-in corso), portrayed by Brando Pacitto, Davide Di Salvo (stagione 1-in corso), portrayed by Mirko Trovato, Antonio "Toni" Cerasi (stagione 1-in corso), portrayed by Pio Luigi Piscicelli, Rocco Parigi (stagione 1-in corso), portrayed by Lorenzo Guidi, Nina Fornaciari (stagioni 2-3), portrayed by Denise Tantucci, Flaminia "Flam" Morris (stagioni 2-3), portrayed by Cloe Romagnoli, Mappantai "Chicco" Gnilo Tna (stagioni 2-3), portrayed by Daniel Lorenz Alviar Tenorio, Beatrice "Bea" Perugia (stagione 2), portrayed by Angela Curri, Roberto "Bobo" Repetto (stagione 3-in corso), portrayed by Nicolò Bertonelli, "Braccialetti rossi - Io non ho finito" (Niccolò Agliardi, The Hills), "Tifo per te" (Niccolò Agliardi, The Hills), "Il Cile - Non dimentico" (Niccolò Agliardi, The Hills), "Il bene si avvera - Ci sono anch'io" (Niccolò Agliardi, The Hills), "Acrobati" (Niccolò Agliardi, Edwyn Roberts, L'Aura), "Non importa veramente" (Niccolò Agliardi, The Hills), "Volevo perdonarti" (Niccolò Agliardi, The Hills). The girl, named Margi, knows for the first time her "sister" in the hospital and immediately a bond is created between them full of affection and complicity. Thus, in the third season, we will see I Braccialetti gathering together for new challenges waiting for them. Later he finds the courage to take control, being forgiven by the Leader. Condividete tutti! Dedicated songs were created for the teen drama, including the opening themes for the first and second season: "Braccialetti rossi - Io non ho finito" and "Watanka! Toni meets a girl named Mela, while Leo and Cris make love for the first time. The role of Vale in this season, therefore, is strongly important for all the children of the hospital, especially for Nina and Cris, who will be helped by Vale in various moments of crisis and discouragement. Vale, the vice leader, now cured of cancer, manages to find a girl, named Bella, outside the hospital. Even Bobo's mother (Vanessa, a young and charming woman), will have a crush on the Doctor, and it will be her pleasant presence to create a relationship of complicity between his son and the Doctor. After a quick and joyful marriage, the two young people give life to their beautiful pets. Meanwhile, the leader Leo continues to attend Cris and their relationship has become more intense. Leo, leader and founder of the group, gives each member a bracelet of red color (hence the name of the series), which he had received as an identifier during his surgeries and which become the symbol of their group. ", "Primo respiro", "Lo sguardo (Tema di Vale)", "Un sorriso delicato (Tema di Cris)", "Il Furbo (Tema di Toni)", "Dopo", "Il Leader", "Rosso dentro", "Aspettare", "La piscina", "Madri". When he realizes that the fiction is not giving the expected results, he tries to escape from the hospital by coming out the window, but he falls and risks dying as a result of the reported head injury, causing Leo's guilt. If you don't want our ads please become a Premium user. Her debut on the big screen was in December 2014 with Ma tu di che segno 6? The series tells the story of the Braccialetti Rossi, a group of boys hospitalized for various causes, who make friends and found their group to give courage to each other. Nonostante questo grande limite, Flam si dimostra sempre carina, gentile e disponibile con tutti gli altri compagnia. And otherwise the community of 292.000 members can assist you. The original songs were written by Niccolò Agliardi. The series tells the story of the Braccialetti Rossi, a group of boys hospitalized for various causes, who make friends and found their group to give courage to each other. Thanks to Rocco, we meets Leone, surnamed Leo, a seventeen-year-old boy who has had his leg amputated due to a tibial tumor but who, despite everything, is a solar and sarcastic boy who tries to fight his disease as well as possible. If you don't want our ads please become a Premium user. It is a liberal arts col... src: upload.wikimedia.org The Daihatsu Charade is a supermini car produced by the Japanese manufacturer Daihatsu from 1977 to 2000.

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