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I always thought that James Earl Jones would have been an awesome God. Male Lexa was one of the most influential people in Clarke's life, and her appearance is used to speak to Clarke during "The Last War.". In the end, Indra finally accomplishes killing Sheidheda, blasting him out of existence. 7 comments. Disciples Family Information "The Dying Of The Light" uses plenty of screentime to show how essential Emori is to Murphy and Raven. The exiled Prince turned King of Azgeda is a fan-favorite. While their relationship may be strained during her Blodreina years, Octavia and Indra supported each other. AndersFirst Disciple AndersBrother Anders Cage Wallace may have been the mind behind the horrifying activities going on in Mount Weather, but he didn't do it alone. Seven RELATED: The 100: 10 Saddest Deaths In Series History. Since some had been included so early on in the show, fans couldn't help but root for their survival. When Octavia looks within, she is confronted by her mind's memory of Pike. But, Emori and Murphy eventually got together, and after Praimfaya, Emori became part of the group. Not everyone had that kind of effect, though. 50s In A Little Sacrifice, Anders protests Cadogan's orders to leave Clarke and her friends alone, but ultimately complies. RELATED: The 100: The 8 Best Couples (& The 7 Worst). Etherea (flashback) Lincoln is the first Grounder who interacts with the hundred and tries to get Trikru to have peace with the delinquents. Yet, no one could determine what narrative purpose he had and why he continued to survive. Other times, a character may not have felt narratively necessary to the overall plot. Gender RELATED: The 100: Every Season Finale, Ranked According To IMDb, Later on, the delinquents got their revenge. Current God's voice doesnt match God voice from S3 and it bothers me. I don’t like their god choice, PURELY because whenever I see “god” i will think “all state; are you in good hands?”, Would've preferred Idris Elba. Clarke Griffin is a fictional character from the American post-apocalyptic young adult science fiction novel series The 100 by Kass Morgan, and the television series of the same name on The CW.She is the lead character in both the novels and the television … 61% Upvoted. save. He later interrupts Cadogan's dinner with Gabriel Santiago to warn him of a problem, disarming Gabriel before allowing him to go back to the Stone room. Like God(Morgan Freeman) shows up and says "Hello my sons". However, actor Zach McGowan reprised his role during "From The Ashes" to speak to Echo in the form of the Anomaly. A one-stop shop for all things video games. While Sheidheda's actions brought out Murphy's hero side and a leadership attribute in Indra, there isn't much else he's good for. In Anaconda, Anders brings Bill Cadogan to meet with Clarke's group and remains outside with the rest of the Disciples on his request. Anderswasa recurring character in the seventh season. It is no surprise that Lexa was one of the most loved supporting characters. Home When Gabriel opens the door again, Anders sends in Clarke's friends upon her request. Octavia relied on Indra and her teachings to help Octavia get through life. Octavia vanishes as the Anomaly returns to normal and Hope collapses. Lincoln was a good man, always wanting to fit in with Skaikru and help Octavia understand his ways. Stating that she has a better idea, that Anders dies there, Hope slits Anders' throat, causing him to drop the Gen-9 as he desperately grabs at the wound. The final straw for Pike was when he killed Lincoln, which Octavia got revenge for later. In The Garden, Hope explains part of her life story to Gabriel and Echo as well as the fact that she had made a deal with the Disciples' leader Anders -- the "he" that she had previously mentioned -- wherein Hope would help to capture Octavia by tagging her so that she would be sent back through the Anomaly in exchange for Diyoza's life. Only on the show for two seasons, Roan made his first impression by kidnapping Clarke, although he eventually became a friend. Jasper delivered the same cruel line she had said to them, "I hope you know that you're incredibly special to us.". He was a significant part of the plot and allied with Octavia during the Conclave. Dr. Tsing was responsible for extracting bone marrow from the forty-seven. Possibly best known as Ralph Passmore, the nemesis of Tucker Jenkin's in Tucker's Luck (1983), the spin off series of Phil Redmond's Grange Hill (1978). In The Stranger, Bellamy offers his condolences to Cadogan for the loss of Anders, assuming that they were close. Hope injects a locator tag into Octavia, who told her to tell him that it's done. Cadogan states that he actually only met Anders twice with each First Disciple usually awakening him every 20 years to state that there has been no progress with the last war. Anders was a tall white male with short white hair and blue eyes, he also had a Anomaly symbol tattoos on his face. Posted by 8 hours ago. Peter McNamara, born in London and attended the National Youth Theatre and trained at LAMDA. Lexa was considered to have been the Commander to unite all the clans. During the first apocalypse, Cadogan was in charge of the Second Dawn Bunker. Narratively, one of the biggest problems with Sheidheda is that fans couldn't figure out why he was still alive after a while. What do you think about it ? He is one of the descendants of the original humans that crossed over from Earth after escaping the Nuclear Apocalypse. Nearly every supporting character on The 100 did plenty to advance the story and help fill in the universe's blanks but not all of them were loved. Portrayed by Portrayal Bardo Nearly every supporting character did plenty to advance the story and help fill in the universe's blanks. Killed By Diyoza points out that its a bad idea to fire lasers in a room with a WMD and suggests getting back to the Shepherd's mercy. However short as it was, Indra's rise to leader of Wonkru was an epic moment of growth for Indra and a fan-favorite event. In later episodes, Octavia honors Lincoln by painting his tattoo on her face for war paint. Age Finn only becomes worse in season two, killing several innocent Grounders while he spirals during Clarke's absence. Roan took over as a leader while Skaikru searched for ways to save the human race. Those that were not considered to be the main characters also made an impact on viewers. ( I like their choice for this role also ) Actor fluff. Please help The 100 Wiki by adding information here. He makes an intriguing first impression, reminding Clarke of her father and wishing for peace. Throat slit While Kane and Abby were learning from Clarke and gaining Grounder allies, Charles Pike's group was not so lucky. Lexa's relationship with Clarke was also heavily supported by fans. As she hurt them, Dr. Tsing would explain to the forty-seven how important they were. Anders was a recurring character in the seventh season. Indra first appeared in season two, and she has been essential to the plot ever since. Should have been Morgan Freeman, if only for a second. This section is empty. Though Miller threatens Anders, Diyoza recognizes that Anders is not alone and four Disciples decloak behind him. When with his family, Cadogan clearly favored Callie over his son, Reese. In Etherea, it is mentioned that no one has been punished for Anders' death due to Clarke's group controlling the Key and that they have even been given Anders' and Cadogan's quarters. Pike's group was attacked by Grounders, causing Monty's father's death. Last Appearance He was theFirst Disciple, a position that acted as the factions leader in the absence of the Shephard,Bill Cadogan. NEXT: The 100: 5 Things We Love About The Final Season (& 5 We Wish We Could Change), All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He is portrayed by Neal McDonough and debuts in "Welcome to Bardo". He was even willing to let his wife die. Hope Diyoza The Bill (TV Series 1984–2010) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Fans hoped that she would survive the final season. Cause of Death Leader of the DisciplesFirst Disciple Dr. Tsing died of radiation exposure. Anders This mentality did not do good for anyone and instead caused hundreds of Grounder deaths and uprisings within Arkadia. Actor fluff. Finn never mentions Raven to Clarke, making things uncomfortable when Raven lands on the ground. In The Blood of Sanctum, after Octavia and Gabriel activate the symbols on the Anomaly Stone that appeared on Octavia's back, the Anomaly expands and a grown-up Hope emerges. Going through the memory of a Disciple that has PTSD from the explosion that apparently killed Bellamy, Levitt discovers that he actually survived and was instead blown through the Anomaly which Anders had opened to Etherea instead of Sanctum as Octavia had requested. Deceased During the first apocalypse, Cadogan was in charge of the Second Dawn Bunker. Lexa was the Commander willing to ally with Clarke to save their people from Mount Weather. I think that Bill Cadogan from The 100 would make an excellent God in Lucifer. I really loved John Pyper-Ferguson in The Last Ship. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Title/Alias 3. Anders offers to send Echo to Penance for 20 years, but promises that she will be back before they know it as long as the code has been entered by then to begin the last war or Echo will die there. He was the First Disciple, a position that acted as the factions leader in the absence of the Shephard, Bill Cadogan. Afterward, Pike looked at Grounders as the enemy instead of a potential ally. Close. Status Welcome to Bardo He continues to obsess over Clarke and not be as invested in Raven. There’s no way you’re ever going to get Idris Elba’s voice to sound like Neil Gaiman’s. Seasons RELATED: The 100: 5 Characters Who Got Fitting Endings (& 5 Who Deserved Better). report. Peter McNamara, Actor: Lassiter. Diyoza hands over the Gen-9, offering to call it even, but Anders is disgusted by them for being "nothing but primal beasts" since they were raised in the wild who are utterly enthralled in their feelings and prioritizing the want of self over the needs of everyone. Not much is known about his early life. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Unknown; Bardo Subreddit for the Netflix drama *Lucifer* based on the DC/Vertigo comics, Press J to jump to the feed. But, they were not the only ones to make an impression. He also wore a full white uniform. In her last moments, Dr. Tsing was surrounded by Jasper, Monty, and Harper. However, actor Zach McGowan reprised his role during "From The Ashes" to speak to Echo in the form of the Anomaly. Finn doesn't want to fight, but his nice guy appearance is ruined as it becomes clear that Finn has a girlfriend on the Ark. She was an excellent fighter and known to think differently than previous Commanders. Between his wish for peace and his relationship with Octavia, Lincoln gained a heavy following. 7 Hated: Bill Cadogan. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Biographical Information As Anders falls to the ground holding his wound, Hope attempts to release the bioweapon, only to be stopped by Diyoza. Affiliation Occupation However, Gen-9 is released in the room, crystalizing Diyoza and Anders and everything else within. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. hide. David Acton, Actor: After Death. Hope tells Octavia that she couldn't get out and that he (Anders) has her mother. Emori made an entertaining first impression by making life harder for John Murphy. Finn is the first of the main delinquents to die, not making it past the middle of season two. Anders was the only one to wake him twice, the second time because they had found the Key. Roan didn't survive the Conclave, killed by Luna and the black rain. Two centuries later, Cadogan is still alive and known to all those on Bardo as "The Shepherd.". Lucifer rolls his eyes and goes "Dad... Morgan Freeman... again? "Anaconda" gave an inside look as to who he was while also portraying his daughter, Callie, to be a major player in the creation of Grounder culture. Their storyline revolves around continually reminding Emori how important she is to them. Seriously." Yeah seeing as how God doesn't have a human form, it would be interesting to have seen him appear as a couple different people before settling on one. HeMr. The Boys: Which Avatar Element Would Each Main Character Bend. Lincoln died for protecting his people, and his death left Octavia spiraling. Cadogan became obsessed with the Anomaly Stone and refused Becca and Callie's wish to inject everyone with Nightblood to live on the ground. Neal McDonough Unfortunately, Lincoln's life was cut short. Six years after going to space, Emori is a firm part of Spacekru and has a solid friendship with Raven. Born Indra was a brilliant fighter, and fans were constantly rooting for her. share. Dr. Tsing joined Cage's awful endeavors, pushing harder for harmful actions. Cadogan agrees that "comparatively speaking", they were close, but recognizes that Bellamy was merely testing him with the question. As Clarke and her friends talk Echo down from unleashing Gen-9 on Bardo, Anders enters, furious at their actions, the deaths of three of his people, the torture of Levitt and attempting to commit genocide. He is portrayed by Neal McDonough and debuts in "Welcome to Bardo". Then God switches into another actor, chuckles and says "Sorry.. hes my favorite". David Acton is an actor, known for After Death (2012), Downton Abbey (2010) and Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (1992). There were several opportunities to kill him that fail. 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Sometimes supporting characters hurt the story or make wrong choices. Fans had plenty of thoughts about Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and the other central characters. First Appearance

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